Prosthodontics is a branch of dentistry concerned with sketching, constructing, and fitting artificial replacements for teeth and other mouth parts. Prosthodontics treatment in Kakkanad is well known for its specialized treatment.

Prosthodontics commonly deals with dental implants, crowns, bridges, and dentures. After completing the dental courses, a prosthodontist acquires three additional years of training in their selected field.

Changeable prostheses like partial dentures and complete dentures can customarily take in and out. Dental implants can be used to support crowns on the black teeth and to support the lower complete denture.

The greatest difference between a prosthodontist and a general dentist is that a prosthodontist deals with teeth replacement and rehabilitating oral health. General dentistry focuses on repairing teeth and ensuring their remain healthy.

The major difference between Orthodontists and Prosthodontist:

The dentist who performs Orthodontists specializes in teeth and jaw alignment by correcting poor alignment, positioning of teeth, and facial structure. Having straight teeth helps solve a lot of problems such as speaking, chewing, or biting.

On the other hand, the dentist who performs Prosthodontist focuses on replacing the missing teeth which restores dental functions by placing caps, crowns, dentures, etc.

Prosthodontic treatments:

The professional method of treating the decayed tooth is by designing, manufacturing, and the replacement of smile. It includes dental bridges, dental crowns, dentures, inlays, and onlays.

Dental Crown:– Sometimes it is also called a cap, a restoration that covers poorly damaged teeth. If the teeth are poorly cracked or if you have done a root canal lately you need a dental crown or cap.

Dental Bridge:-Dental Bridge is the replacement of one or more missing teeth in a row. By placing crowns between your natural teeth you can regain your smile.

Dentures: – There are two types of dentures; Partial dentures replace a few uncommon missing teeth and Full dentures are the replacement of a full arch of missing teeth.

Inlays and Onlays: If your tooth is badly damaged wear a dental crown, then the solution is inlays and Onlays. They restore your tooth structure.

Dental Implants: The surgical-graded ceramic and titanium tiny threaded post is used to replace your missing tooth roots. Even if your teeth are missing most of the teeth, they are removable.

Advantages of Prosthodontics:

They are long-term solutions for dental problems. It will provide you with a youthful appearance, well perfect smile, and strong bites by correcting teeth structure.

The best dentist in Kakkanad for Prosthodontics provides you with Multi-specialty dental treatments.